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NOTE: You must first install Active Perl for this program to work on your computer. Active Perl is available Free of Cost from

Quick Demo

If you want to get a quick demo of the software, create a folder called mscanner on your Windows desktop, download exp.txt file (link given below) and mscanner.bat (link given above) into that folder and then double click on mscanner.bat ( Your computer must have Active Perl installed; If not, get it free from )


Murty's Scanner for MetaStock is a computer program that runs on Microsoft Windows Operating System. Its purpose is to generate reports of various stocks meeting various MetaStock Explorations. MetaStock is a Microsoft Windows based computer program for Stock Market Analysis used by traders and investors to identify and study interesting stocks.

Murty's Scanner is meant for traders and investors who use MetaStock End-of-Day on Windows operating system. MetaStock has a tool called Explorer that can be used to generate reports by running selected system Explorations to identify stocks meeting the Explorations chosen. More information on MetaStock can be found from

System Requirements

Supported MetaStock Explorations

The following MetaStock Explorations are supported. Each supported Exploration is given a single alphabet as an identification tag. This identification tag will be used by Murty's Scanner. After completing running the MetaStock Explorer with one or more of the following supported Explorations, save results of each of those Explorations as a text file. The name of the text file should be the name of the identifying tag corresponding to the Exploration.

Tag Name of Exploration Abbreviation
John Murphy Chart Pattern Recognition confirmed
John Murphy Chart Pattern Recognition unconfirmed
NCU Bull
Elliott Trend TPI
pp::Bollinger Bands modified
pp::CCI modified
PS Consolidation Breakout
PS Cooper 1234
PS Elliott Oscillator 1
PS Elliott Oscillator 2
PS Fractal Trading System 1
PS Fractal Trading System 2
PS MACD Histogram 1
PS MACD Histogram 2
PS Meisels Overbought/Oversold
PS Oscillator Composite
PS Short Term Range Rejection
PS Small Triangle Breakout
PS Stochastic Oscillator
PS Turtle Breakout 1
PS Turtle Breakout 2

Note that all of the above Explorations are for signals only, not for performance ranking. In other words, all of the above Explorations belong to MetaStock Explorer and they generate buy/sell signals.

Important Notes

Murty's Scanner works for End-of-Day or Real time data, however, End-of-Day data is recommended. In other words, use MetaStock EOD or set your Realtime MetaStock to use EOD data. Although Real time data can be used, it is not recommended that you make real-time trading decisions based on this software.

As long as you can download current stock market data for your MetaStock and its Explorer tool is working properly, it does not matter to Murty's Scanner what data feed vendor you are getting your market data from. It also does not matter whether you are downloading data from a vendor such as e-Signal, Hyperfeed, QCharts or web sites such as Yahoo Finance. It also does not matter whether you are downloading data or converting data from other trading software programs, for example, you are downloading data for TC2000 and converting it to use the converted data for MetaStock.

Before You Begin

Warning: Securities Investments are risky and not suitable for most people. Investments are not insured by FDIC or any government entity. You may lose some or all of your money invested in stock market. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

Murty's Scanner is merely a tool that helps you in the process of researching various stocks. It does not give you any advice on buying or selling any stocks. Please consult, at your own cost, a registered broker or financial advisor licensed by your state for any investment advice.

No part of this web site or programs downloaded from this web site is guaranteed to be accurate. Not an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities or securities instruments.

How to Use

Follow these simple steps to begin using Murty's Scanner:

  1. Create an empty folder called mscanner on your Windows Desktop. Download Murty's Scanner and save it into that folder.
  2. Make sure your computer has Active Perl installed. Your computer does not come with this software by default. Therefore, you must obtain it from and install it yourself.
  3. Launch your MetaStock program. Then Launch its Explorer tool. Select Explorations you want (make sure they are supported by Murty's Scanner. See table above) and then run Explorer.
  4. After Explorer completes its job, save results of each of the explorations into a text file such that the text file name is the tag name corresponding to the Exploration and that the text file is saved into the MetaStock Base Installation directory ( D:\Equis\MetaStock for example )

    For example: To save results of Exploration system called 'NCU Bull', we use file name of c.txt (because c is the tag for 'NCU Bull' according to the table above). Here is how we actually save the results of this Exploration:
    Highlight that Exploration,
    click on Reports,
    click on the first line of the results,
    Press SHIFT+END (Hold down SHIFT key, press END key)
    Right Click with mouse
    Select Save as Text file
    Type c.txt as file name for this Exploration
    Click OK

  5. After saving results of all the Explorations you chose individually as appropriate text files, make sure that all those text files are inside MetaStock base directory containing MetaStock software. This directory is, by default, set to D:\Equis\MetaStock. If your base directory is different, please change the option at the beginning of Murty's Scanner program. You can do this by opening Murty's Scanner program you downloaded in an editor such as Notepad and then making appropriate change. To open in Notepad, for example, right-click on mscanner.bat with mouse and choose
    Open With --> Choose Program --> Notepad.exe
  6. Double click on mscanner.bat program you downloaded into mscanner folder. If this does not work, open a DOS window ( Click on Start --> Run, then type cmd ); then change directory to mscanner folder you created on your desktop; then type perl mscanner.bat
  7. Now you should see a Browser window with the results of Murty's Scanner. The results are list of stocks and what Explorations triggered each of those stocks.
  8. Inside the mscanner folder on your desktop, you should also see a .htm file and a .txt file. The HTML file contains the results of Murty's Scanner which you can open simply by double clicking. So, you do not have to run Murty's Scanner every time you want to see the program output, unless until a later date when you run MetaStock Explorer tool again. The Text file contains a list of stocks with buy signals only.

Usage Tips

You can use EZ Macros or AutoMate to automate the task of saving results of each Exploration into an appropriate text file, everytime you finish running Explorer tool. Simply record a macro, save it and run it. Remember to test the macro thoroughly because sometimes it misses timing of successive events and therefore does not replay a recorded session properly.

Launch TC2000, create a new watch list inside TC2000 and import the text file created inside mscanner folder on your desktop. You can then study individual stocks in TC2000. You can study more accurately so, if your TC2000 stock data is up-to-date, i.e., you subscribe to data feed from TC2000. Evenif you do not want to buy subscription to update TC2000, its still a good idea to get TC2000 software and use it. The software comes free with recent data but not up-to-date.

When you re-run your MetaStock Explorer tool at a later date, you have to repeat steps 4 and 6 above. Then you will get another set of an HTML output file and a text file. The program will also generate a repeats file, another text file containing a list of stocks that generated buy signals repeatedly compared to the previous run date.

For Advanced Users

You can carefully edit mscanner.bat program you downloaded to change settings to suit your taste. You can also modify or add/delete lines for %exp variable if you want to add support for a new Exploration that is not listed in the table shown above. You can also enable/disable debug flag. All such changes should be made carefully at the beginning of the mscanner.bat program, if you really want to and you know what you are doing. Knowledge of Perl scripting language is required before you get ready to mess around with the program. If you are just an investor, trader or a regular computer user, then you should not have read this section meant for advanced users.

License Agreement

Murty's Scanner is a Commercial Software. It is not a freeware/shareware program. It should not be used for reselling. No part of this software can be used in any other program or in any other way other than as described above. License is granted for individuals only for a period of six months during which time the user agrees to communicate with the author, whose email is shown at the bottom of this page, by email to send all feedback, comments, suggestions and any changes/improvements planned or implemented. The user also agrees to communicate so only with the email shown at the bottom of this page and not with any other entity. License is not transferable. License is not granted to non-individuals (organizations, investment clubs, etc.). Use of this software is prohibited outside continental United States. This software must not be downloaded/used by any individual or group employed or affiliated with Government or Military. No part of this software can be stored in any form other than electronic form to a standard computer hard disk. No part of this program can be downloaded or copied to more than one computer or more than one location on any computer.

If you do not agree to all of the above terms completely, please do not download this software and remove all copies of it on all your computers, if downloaded already.


No guarantees of any kind. You are responsible for your own trading losses. Backup your computer before downloading the software. All programs and trade names are trade marks of their respective trade mark owners with their own copyright and/or license agreements.

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