3. Prepare Promise Driver Floppy

  1. Download Combined zip file from the following link. You can do this on any computer connected to Internet. This file has two zip files: one for multiprocessor computers (rhsmp.zip) and other for single processor computers (rhup.zip). Pick the right zip file for your machine and save it to a dos formatted floppy

  2. Insert this floppy into a working Linux computer and type:

    mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy 
    cd /mnt/floppy 
    mv rhsmp-ftb22.zip /tmp 
    unzip /tmp/rhsmp-ftb22.zip 
    cd / 
    umount /mnt/floppy


    The above commands are for multiprocessor computers. Adjust above commands by replacing rhsmp by rhup if your computer has only one processor.

  3. Label the floppy »Promise FastTrak driver« and set it aside.