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Angry Sheriff verson 0.2

Angry Sheriff verson 0.1

What is it?

It is a UNIX shell script to download NJ foreclosures (sheriff's sales in New Jersey) from web site. It can be modified to download similar real estate foreclosure listings in other states, if URL of a web page with such info is available.

How to use it?

No root access is required / recommended to run the program. From your UNIX/Linux computer, click on link above and download it into your home directory.
Then type "chmod +x asheriff".
After that, launch the program by typing "./asheriff dir-name" where dir-name is name of directory. If it is an existing directory, the program expects in it files it downloaded previously. It is a non-existing directory, the program would create one, download all necessary files and then create a final output file, dir-name.list. I recommend choosing the name of the current month as the directory name and that you run the program once a month.


First time usage: Type "./asheriff august"
august is a directory that does not exist already. So the program will create directory august, download necessary files into it and then create a final output file called august.list

Re-running without downloading any files, i.e. using an existing directory:
Type "./asheriff july"
Where july is an existing directory.

Sample Output

                                         Angry Sheriff v0.1
                                         (c) Murty Rompalli

                                         Download and process
                                         Sheriff's sales in NJ


-----   ----            -------

81574   page1.12        1313 Embury Avenue, Neptune, NJ 07753

34584   page1.14        1011 Fifth Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

57390   page1.15        171 Center Street, Aberdeen, New Jersey 07753

94036   page1.17        1304 Comstock Street, Asbury Park, NJ 07739

41384   page1.18        412 Georgia Tavern Road, Howell, NJ.


Legal stuff

© Murty Rompalli, All rights reserved
Use at your own risk, no warranty of any kind.
License is granted for non-commercial personal and academic uses.


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© Murty Rompalli
All Rights Reserved