Welcome to my home page. I hope you enjoy All Text Experience.

Talking aloud, eating, drinking, yelling and anything that is not allowed in a library is allowed here.


This is a kid-friendly website.

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Right now, this site will be based on plain HTML.

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In the future, I will replace this site or integrate it with a Portal. Right now, I am considering the following portals:

I am only considering PHP portals that are free (opensource).

Wordpress and Nucleus CMS are good choices for blogging sites.

Typo3 is very powerful but a bit difficult to learn and administer. A strong competitor and much easier than Zope/Plone. But Zope/Plone is based on Python, not PHP. (Zope/Plone is a great option, if you want to consider Python instead of PHP)

Drupal is a great portal, not based on any of the older ones such as postnuke.

So, given that I am only interested in PHP portals, I have to choose one or two from: Drupal, Joomla, Typo3

For a list and comprehensive info on all portals: http://www.opensourcecms.com/

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